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Albums I have Been Listening to for November of 2018


Here are some of the albums that I have been listening to for the month of November. Hopefully, you will find something in here that you will like; and, if you have any suggestions, be sure to make them known.

King of Everything

This awesome album is courtesy of a Ukrainian band called Jinjer, who I was introduced to by way of this video (I give you my sincere thanks for making this). The album cought my attention for two primary reasons: the first of which being that Tatiana is a total badass. Furthermore, there is diversity to the music; instead of being a balls-out metal album (and hey, those are totally rad), it has variety to it. Namely, Pices is a neat mixture between death metal and a ballad, which I found exceptionally neat. Then you have Beggar’s dance, which is something totally different; it’s as if a jazz band had hooked up with a singer the likes of Amy Winehouse, which is fucking neat (I don’t particularly dig pop, but damn, that’s some great stuff).


This piece of awesomeness comes from the Canadian band The Agonist, which is a band that I had not heard of up until I got in to Jinjer. What cought me about this album is mainly the grooves; at the time, I had been doing some classwork and did not focus so much on the lyrics, so I can’t really do them a decent discussion (this post is a work in progress, so if time permits, I may come back and edit this particular section and do this album’s discussion a bit more justice).

Train of Thought

Ah yes, good old Dream theater. This is the album that got me in to progressive metal, and, in particular, the band Dream Theater. There are some interesting topics on that album, as well as a totally badass instrumental entitled Stream ofConsciousness.


Another good album I keep in relatively frequent rotation, brought to you by the English progressive rock band Yes. In particular, I enjoy the song Roundabout, mainly on account of its iconic bass line.


The new album from Disturbed, one of the bands I grew up listening to. I am glad that they got back together and are producing music, and I am certainly looking forward to finishing this album.

Feel the steel

This album is truly funny, one of my top favorite comedy metal albums, coming from the band Steel Panther. Kudos to you, Storm Dragon, for suggesting this band to me; I have laughed hysterically for hours at the songs.


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